Stolen Social Security Card Steps To Recuperate Your Identity

If you have a lost or stolen social security card the procedure of changing it is relatively simple: Call your regional social security workplace and they will be happy to inform you exactly what actions you have to take in order to obtain another card. If you are the victim of social security card fraud, the procedure of undoing all the damage is distinctly more difficult and time-consuming to get fixed.

Find a Safe Location for Your Social Security Card

A smart rule of thumb is that you must never carry your social security card in your purse or wallet unless you are taking it somewhere because you need to use it. The fact is, you do not require it for many things, and today you most likely just need to know what your number is. If you do need to show the actual card, put it in your wallet or purse for that instance you need it and afterward, once you arrive home, take the card back out and put it back in a safe location.

Many people choose to store their social security card in a safe deposit box or you can store it in a fire-resistant, water-resistant safe you keep in your home. If you don’t have one of these types of safes, they are readily available online and at stores like Walmart.

How Do You Secure Other Files?

So now that you know how to get your identity back from your lost or stolen social security card, exactly what do you do to secure other files that may have your social security number on them?

Be Prepared

Fortunately, more businesses and the federal government realize that utilizing your social security number as a way of recognizing other files is an unsafe practice. Thus, they are beginning to eliminate it completely. Until all federal government and business companies absolutely phase out using social security numbers as recognition numbers, we have to get imaginative in our storage of important personal information and always be prepared to use our best judgment when providing our number or card to others.

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