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Medicare Guides and Forms

Getting and using Medicare can seem like a complex process because of all the different forms you need to fill out. You may require one form to file a claim and another to let Medicare share your personal health information. Don’t forget the Medicare forms for appointing a representative, enrolling in a Medicare supplement plan, and filing an appeal.

To help you find and understand everything you need, we’ve created this Medicare guide on the different forms you may have to fill out. You can find information on the Medicare employer group coverage form, the IRMAA appeal form, the social security card application form, and more.

How to Find Medicare Forms & Guides

Several Medicare forms and guides are floating around online, and it can be challenging to know where to start. Where should you get a form to make a complaint, file an appeal, or apply for more coverage? How can you compare Medicare options available to you?

Well, you’ve come to the right place! In addition to our Medicare Explained information, we have several Medicare guides and resources that provide details on different Medicare plans and explain which forms you need and where you can find them online.

You still have a full life ahead of you that you should be enjoying, so it shouldn’t be a challenge locating Medicare forms or answers to your questions, such as where you can find the social security schedule of benefits. That’s why we’ve created a Medicare informational center: to provide easy access to the forms and guides you need to get the coverage that will allow you to live life to the fullest.

Medicare Employer Group Coverage Forms

If you have Medicare Part A, you may be eligible to file for Medicare Part B under a Special Enrollment Period (SEP). To ensure you can receive coverage, you’ll need to show proof of group health plan coverage from your employer or your spouse’s or family member’s current employer. For this proof, you’ll need to fill out the Medicare employer group coverage form (CMS-L564). This form represents a request for employment information.

The Medicare employer group coverage form has two sections: Part A and Part B. You will fill out Part A and then have the employer who provides the group health care coverage fill out Part B. Once completed, you’ll send this form (CMS-L564) along with the Application for Enrollment in Medicare (CMS-40B) to your local Social Security office to process your Medicare enrollment application.

Social Security Card Application Form

Your Social Security number is your connection to receiving Social Security benefits, recording your earned wages, and getting other government support. You’ll want to keep your number and your card secure and protected.

In the event that you need to apply for a replacement — or even to file for your first Social Security card — you will need to fill out the Social Security card application form (Form SS-5). Then, you’ll need to present this form along with two supporting documents that prove your identity, age, and citizenship status.

If you’re applying for a Social Security card for the first time or requesting a change to your current card, you’re required to fill out the Social Security card application form and mail it (along with your two supporting documents) to your local Social Security office. If you want to have your lost, incorrect, or damaged card replaced, you can fill out Form SS-5 and submit it online on the Social Security Administration (SSA) website.

We make it easier for you to apply for a new or replacement Social Security card by sharing the PDF file of Form SS-5 on our Medicare Forms & Guides page.

Social Security Schedule of Benefits

After enrolling in Medicare, you may be wondering when you’ll receive your Social Security check in the mail. Not every person gets their checks (or direct deposits) on the same date. When you are paid your Social Security benefits depends on the time of the month you were born. Those born earlier in the month will get paid before those born later in the month.

To help manage your retirement finances and understand when you’ll receive Social Security payments, review the social security schedule of benefits. You can find access to this helpful document right here or on

IRMAA Appeal Forms

Your Social Security Income-Related Monthly Adjustment Amount (IRMAA) is the amount of money you may be required to pay in addition to your Part B or D premiums if your income is above a certain level. The SSA determines this amount based on your income tax return from two years prior.

Since the amount you owe is based on your income from a few years ago, it is not unlikely that your situation has changed. If you receive a notification showing the IRMAA decision and feel that it is wrong, you can appeal it.

If you experience a life-changing event (as defined by the SSA), you can fill out the IRMAA appeal form. You’ll send the filled-out form and documentation proving the life-changing event to your local Social Security office.

You can find the IRMAA appeal form and informational guide right here at your fingertips so that you can safeguard your money in no time.

Questions About Medicare Forms? Ask Us!

With so many different situations and scenarios where you may need to contact your local Social Security office, it’s no surprise there are dozens of Medicare forms you may have to fill out. But don’t stress! Our Medicare guides explain everything you need to know about these forms and procedures so you can get the coverage you deserve.

If you are unsure which form you need or are struggling to find the correct one, don’t hesitate to reach out. We can help answer any questions related to Medicare forms, including the Medicare employer group coverage form, the IRMAA appeal form, and the Social Security card application form.