Six Video Playlists to Learn About Medicare, Social Security and Annuities

How to Choose a Medicare Plan

Choosing what you want to be part of your overall Medicare plan is an essential part of your retirement. After all, your health can change instantly, even if you are in excellent health at the moment. You want to be prepared, but you also don’t want to pay outrageous premiums. No one will blame you for this. While dealing with Medicare for the first time can be frustrating in figuring out, once you know everything you need, you’ll be set.

This playlist will give you a good understanding of how to understand what your choices are so you can make the best selection of plans.

Medicare Supplement Plans

A  Medicare Supplement Plan is insurance sold to you by a private insurer that will cover your Medicare coverage gaps. Many times, you will hear these plans referred to as Medigap.  The primary purpose of a supplement or Medigap plan is to cover the costs that you would typically be responsible for once Medicare Part A and Part B have paid their portion. Once Medicare has paid its portion the remaining costs are ultimately passed on to you unless you have a supplement plan to pick up that cost.

These videos explain the many (somewhat confusing) options available. If you watch these and are still confused, give us a call and we will help you find the best solution for your specific situation. Our service is free to you because, like most other types of insurance, the companies pay us a small commission for providing the customer service, and the rate you pay does not change because of that.

Medicare Advantage - Medicare Part C

When you enroll in Medicare you are given two options to supplement your coverage. You can either choose to stay with Original Medicare and enroll into a Medicare Supplement plan and a Part D Prescription Drug Plan, or you can choose a Medicare Part C plan, also known as a Medicare Advantage Plan.  Medicare Advantage plans are alternative insurance that take you away from Original Medicare, and put you into a plan with a private insurance carrier. Essentially, these plans are a different form of your Medicare coverage. It’s helpful to keep in mind that Medicare C isn’t for everyone and that it’s best to weigh your options to find out which one will fit perfectly for your healthcare needs.  These videos will help you understand why Medicare Advantage is so heavily advertised, but why it might not be the best choice for most people.

Dental Insurance Options

Medicare (Part A and B) will cover limited dental services if required to protect your general health or prepare for a procedure that Medicare covers. Even if you receive coverage for these services, Medicare will not pay for any follow-up dental care after your health condition has been treated. Medicare will also not cover regular checkups, cleanings, fillings, dentures, or most tooth extractions.
Watch these videos to learn more about dental insurance options while on Medicare.

Social Security - When to Sign Up for Social Security

It’s important to understand when to sign up for Social Security. You can start anytime between the ages of 62 and 70. The is a big difference in the amount your receive from Social Security depending when you sign up.  These videos will explain what to consider in your decision.

Understanding Annuities

Introduction to Annuities and should they be a part of your retirement planning?

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