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Enrolling in Medicare

The when, where, and how of enrolling in Medicare can be confusing. Watch this video and let me help add some clarity to Medicare Enrollment.

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Medicare Supplements

Medicare doesn’t cover all your costs. You are on the hook for about 20% of most costs associated with your healthcare with no out-of-pocket maximum. Medicare Supplements can cover a portion, or all, of your cost-sharing responsibilities.

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Medicare Part D

If you have prescription medications, you are on your own for the costs with Original Medicare. The only way to get coverage is to have a Part D plan or receive coverage through a Medicare Advantage plan. 

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Dental, Vision, and Hearing

In most cases, there is no coverage for routine dental, vision, or hearing exams, dentures, glasses, or hearing aids with Medicare. We can find you an affordable standalone plan to keep you from paying out-of-pocket to maintain your quality of life.

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