Medicare Hearing Plans

Original Medicare will not cover hearing aids, fittings for hearing aids, or hearing exams. However, there are a few exceptions to what Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plans will provide coverage for regarding hearing tests and items

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What does Original Medicare cover?

Original Medicare will not cover hearing aids, fittings for hearing aids, or annual hearing exams. However, Medicare Part B can cover diagnostic hearing tests and balance exams as long as they are for a medical need, such as hearing loss because of an illness or injury. 

You should make sure that your doctor accepts Medicare assignment. If your doctor does not and makes a request to have a hearing test, you may end up paying all of the costs. If your doctor does accept Medicare assignment, you will only need to pay 20% of the amount, along with your Part B deductible.

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Costs of hearing services

If you do not have Medicare or other health insurance, hearing tests can cost up to $250, but it ultimately depends on the clinic and who is giving the test. You can receive free screenings from hearing aid vendors, but some will try to convince you to buy hearing aids through their company. 

If you are not insured and need to buy hearing aids, the costs can widely vary from $100 to over $6,000. This price ultimately depends on who you buy the hearing aids from.

If you buy hearing aids online, understand that cheaper isn’t always better. Many of the ones purchased online tend to amplify all sounds, rather than just the sounds you can’t hear. By going to a hearing clinic, you can have your hearing aids calibrated specifically to you, which will be more than what you find online.

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