The Secret to a Happy Life: Having Enough Support and Motivation

Most people obviously want to know the secret to a happy life. However, it’s widely believed that no one really knows the answer to this eternal question. Philosophers have been pondering it for a long time. Psychology professionals have been trying to find a way to give people some clear answers. However, it’s possible that a lot of different people are just overthinking this question. There isn’t one secret to a happy life. There are several.

It Matters Who You Surround Yourself With

For one thing, almost all people need to surround themselves with loving and supportive people in order to be happy. Even introverts need the company of others sometimes, even if they have to take a lot of breaks in between. Senior citizens who have a solid support network have a tendency to live for a long time. Centenarians across time and across cultures have almost all had supportive friends and family members. Lonely people have a tendency to die young, experiencing health problems all the while.

Money Does Make Life Easier

Lots of people will say that having a certain amount of money will be more important than anything else for the people who are trying to live happy lives. Obviously, it is genuinely difficult to be happy while living in poverty. Medicare has been able to save a lot of people from this situation. However, this doesn’t mean that people need to be monetarily wealthy in order to be happy. People who make the equivalent of seventy thousand dollars a year or so are supposedly the happiest. If you increase your income beyond that point, you won’t actually be any happier, and this is important for everyone to note. Obviously, people can be happy with less money than that, as long as they’re comfortable and safe. As well, no two people are the same and react differently in real life scenarios.

Explore Your Passions

In order to be happy, people also need to be passionate and motivated. Having some major thing that keeps you going in life can really help you prosper. Maybe you care about certain political causes. Maybe you really like to write. You might be an artist or a traveler. One way or another, being motivated and being happy go hand in hand. If you’re a person who has passions, a certain degree of financial stability, and a lot of friends or family members, you’ll probably be one of the happiest people alive. Many of the other things that people will tell you that you need just aren’t as important.

What do you think is a secret to a happy life?

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