Top New Year Resolutions For Seniors 2019

New Year Resolutions For Seniors

The New Year is here and as is tradition, it is time to make new year resolutions. With the new year comes the opportunity to make resolutions geared towards making the coming year a fruitful and memorable year. Although the below resolutions are a great choice for anyone these are some of the top 2019 New Year resolutions for seniors.

While many seniors will deem making a new year resolution as cliché, it is still a very important part of leading a fruitful life during your golden age. Studies have shown that writing down your desires will improve your outlook on life and on things. As such, writing your new year resolutions will give you a sense of purpose and give you something to look forward to.

To aid you in making new year resolutions, here is a list of the top New Year resolutions for seniors in 2019.

1. Explore Different Volunteer Opportunities – Volunteering is a good way to give back to the community. Importantly, it is also a good way to attain a sense of accomplishment and bring a sense of fulfillment in your life. With the benefits of volunteering in mind, why not explore volunteering opportunities in the coming year.

2. Restart An Old Hobby – Think of old hobbies that you loved dearly a few years or even decades ago. Did you love collecting stamps? Did you enjoy knitting? Whatever it may be, consider restarting your hobby. Obviously, you should take into consideration your health and physical abilities while restarting a hobby.

3. Spend More Time With Family – While your children may have tight schedules considering they are still advancing their careers, there is a group of families that has all the time for your grandkids. Make it a priority to spend more time with your grandchildren, strengthen your bond, and create lasting memories.

4. Live A Healthier Life – You can make a resolution to live a healthier life in the coming year. You can set a target of exercising at least 15 minutes a day. Moreover, you can make a resolution to eat healthier, by changing your diet to entail healthy foods.

5. Reignite Old Friendships – Over the course of life, we will lose touch with some of our friends, especially when long distances are involved. The coming year is as good a time as any to revive such friendships. Make a point of reviving your old friendships that may have fizzled out.

Other good New Year resolutions for seniors is to challenge your brain on a regular basis and making a conscious decision to be happy.

Happy New Year and make this your best year ever.

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