Surefire Tips To Avoid Loneliness Among Seniors

lonliness among seniors

As sad as it is, most seniors feel that they are lonely. Elders who are lonely or just turning will exhibit a set of symptoms and discernible behavioral changes. Loneliness among seniors can lead to alcoholism, depression, and malnutrition. There are so many other possible results of loneliness and depression, the total sum of the two is rather unhappy last years of a life which no one deserves or wants.

Avoid Loneliness Among Seniors

You may wonder how to keep yourself as a senior or your aging parents from feeling lonely. So here are a few tips that work.

Get out more often and enjoy the day!

As long as you can physically manage to move, keep moving, get outside, and do things you enjoy. If you are stuck on the couch for too long, you just might find yourself being held hostage. Whether you have much money or not, it’s time to see the world in a different light.

Volunteer your time and do something you love.

After retirement, the easiest way to find a part-time activity to keep you usually busy, your mind active, and also allow you to give back to the community is to volunteer.

Adopt a pet. So many choices to fight loneliness among seniors.

A pet can make things much better by offering you companionship. A new family member with whom you can look out for each other. Walking your k9 usually means breaking up with your couch and that’s part of going out more often.

Take-up a new hobby.

If you are the sort of old dog that can learn new tricks, you have the ability to learn new things easily, then you can go ahead and find a new interest that can take up some of your time after retirement. Idle sitting could worsen loneliness among seniors. This new hobby should ideally encourage you to meet new and old friends more often. Usually, it’s easier to go with your passion but you could Google “hobbies for seniors” for more ideas.

Keep in touch with friends, family, and colleagues.

Family and friends are the most important part of our lives and have the most significant impact on our happiness. Making sure as an elder you call and visit your family in their distant cities will reduce isolation. Calling more often also helps keep connected to those we love even when they are in their new home far away. Sounds very obvious but the frequency of calls tends to decay to zero with age.

While loneliness among seniors and depression do tend to come with old age, it is clever to consider personalities in all of this. There are people who will keep to themselves pretty much all the time and you cannot expect them to be outgoing in their old age. The same way, hobbies, and interests are best when selected by the senior themselves out of their own passions and interests. Remember for elders being alone is pretty much being lonely. They may not admit it but if they don’t want to go anywhere or do anything, they are probably lonely!

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