5 Surprising Things Your Medicare Insurance Can Cover

5 Surprising Things Your Medicare Insurance Can Cover

If you are consider using Medicare as your insurance, you should know what you’ll be covered for. Here are surprising things your Medicare insurance can cover.

Each year in the United States, healthcare expenditure reaches more than $10,000 per person! Without the right insurance plan, you could be taking on this bill yourself. That’s why more than 44 million people are currently enrolled in Medicare policies.

However, when choosing health insurance, you need to know what a policy will cover you for.

When Medicare insurance was first introduced in 1965, its coverage was much more basic than it is today. This is partly because people’s life expectancy was shorter, so the coverage they needed was less complex and extensive. Now, you can get coverage for a wide range of treatments and health services using different Medicare plans.

Want to know more? Then you’re in the right place! Read on to find out five surprising things that you can get coverage for from Medicare!

Medicare Insurance Plans: The Basics

There are four main Medicare plans that you can sign up to. These are: 

  • Medicare Part A, which covers basic hospital costs
  • Medicare Part B, which covers outpatient care costs
  • Medicare Part C, which combines the coverage of Parts A and B and provides extra coverage and benefits 
  • Medicare Part D, which covers prescription drugs costs 

When signing up for Medicare, you have to sign up for the Original Medicare policy. This includes Parts A and B. If you sign up for Medicare Part C, this is also known as the Medicare Advantage policy.

Some people also choose to sign up for a Medicare supplement insurance called Medigap. This will help you when paying medical bills for out-of-pocket costs, such as copays or deductibles.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at five surprising things you can get coverage for from Medicare and which policy these come with.

1. Hospice Care

The importance of hospice care in the healthcare system should never be underestimated. Hospices provide vital support and care for patients and their families at the end of their lives. 

During this time, the last thing you want to be thinking about is your medical bill. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of Medicare-approved hospices across the country. These are covered by an Original Medical policy. This covers patients in need of palliative care for:

  • Support from doctors and nurses 
  • Short-term inpatient care
  • Access to speech, physical, or occupational therapy
  • Use of medical supplies and equipment
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Prescription medicines
  • Up to five days of respite care at a time for your caregiver

Your Medicare Part A will also cover the cost of social work services and grief counseling for you and your family members.

2. Vaccinations

People often say that, when it comes to medicine, prevention is better than a cure. After all, avoiding illness altogether will save you recovery time and a medical bill.

This is why vaccinations play such an important role in modern medicine. Ever since Edward Jenner created the world’s first vaccine in 1798, we have been using these handy injections to avoid common but dangerous illnesses. 

Without medical insurance, you may have to choose between forking out for vaccination or risking getting sick. But with Medicare Part B, you won’t have to make such a decision.

This part of Medicare covers the cost of basic vaccinations, such as flu and hepatitis vaccines.

3. Mental Healthcare Coverage

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Thankfully, the cost of Medicare Part B will ensure that you have access to all the mental health resources you need. 

This Medicare policy covers you for: 

  • Outpatient treatments, such as counseling and access to support groups
  • Inpatient treatments
  • Stays in specialist mental health facilities

This means that no matter the problem, with Medicare Part B coverage you’ll always have someone you can reach out to.

4. Dental Care

A lot of people overlook dental care as an important part of your healthcare regime. Maybe this is because we don’t often see dentists operating at hospitals. Nevertheless, taking care of your oral hygiene is extremely important for your overall health. 

Seeing your dentist regularly helps to pick up on issues in your mouth as quickly as possible. They’ll deal with any problems as soon as they arise, which can save you from a lot of pain and discomfort further down the line.

Dentists also play an important role in picking up on other serious medical conditions, such as oral cancer. So seeing yours regularly is an absolute must.

Signing up for Medicare Part C will cover you for dentists’ appointments, procedures, and emergency dental work.

5. Blood Transfusions

Every year in the United State 4.5 million patients require a blood transfusion. This may happen if you have lost a lot of blood in an accident or if you have an infection. Whatever the reason, blood transfusions always happen in hospitals but they aren’t covered by Medicare Part A plans. 

Luckily, though, you can get coverage by signing up for Medicare Parts F, G, or N. These are parts of the Medigap supplement policy. 

Once you have signed up for these, your insurance will cover you for the first three pints of blood needed in a transfusion.

Get the Coverage You Need Today! 

When it comes to taking care of your long-term health, signing up for Medicare insurance will give you a lot more coverage than you might expect! This means you can prioritize the healthcare you need rather than worrying about medical bills. 

For more help finding the right plan for you, get a free quote for Medicare insurance today.

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