Will Medicare Pay for Your Air Conditioner?

Does Medicare cover your monthly energy bill?


CMS’s expanding services coverage that could help those people who need it most.


Everyone wants to know, will Medicare pay for more in-home services. Earlier this year, CMS (Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services) announced plans to cover more in-home services for people who are physically impaired by illness or injury. These services, if the plan comes to fruition, will be available through Medicare Advantage plans.

CMS has stated the purpose behind the increased flexibility. It says it is “redefining health-related supplemental benefits to include services that increase health and improve quality of life.”

The additional coverage will apply to the kind of care or equipment that will either prevent or help treat illness or injury.

Services Covered

Services covered might include:

  • Portable wheelchair ramps
  • Transportation to doctor’s office
  • Improved food options
  • Grab bars in the bathroom
  • Aides to assist with daily physical needs

These will have to be recommended by a licensed healthcare provider who accepts Medicare Advantage.

One goal is to reduce a patient’s need to go to the emergency room for care or treatment. Emergency room care is expensive both for Medicare and for the patient.

Medicare has had a focus on preventative care for some time. The recent emphasis on home wellness visits is a good example of this initiative.  By identifying potential illness early on, treatment may eliminate or lessen the need for more expensive treatment later on. The patient benefits and Medicare is able to keep costs down.

Medicare Advantage May Pay for it

The proposed changes to increase coverage will be approved – or not – in the fall of 2018. You probably won’t get Medicare to pay for your air conditioner – yet. But, as temperatures rise all over the country, however, staying cool could become a health issue for the elderly. Stay tuned in the fall to see. Whether Medicare pays coverage of care and equipment may depend on the Medicare Advantage plan you select. It may be allowed…

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