Use These Simple Tips to Help Seniors Enjoy Thanksgiving

Help seniors enjoy Thanksgiving with these easy tips everyone can enjoy.

Thanksgiving is a time for families to get together, catch up, and give thanks but many of us who have seniors living with us forget that it can be a stressful time for them. They are no longer as energetic as they used to be, not to mention they are no longer in charge which can make them feel left out. This year you can make Thanksgiving fun for your elderly loved ones with these simple tips we gathered:

     •    Make sure they are part of the planning. Let them know who is coming and when they will be expected to arrive. If they will be staying with you it is not a good idea to move a senior person to make room for them – your elderly mom or dad shouldn’t have to give up their room for guests. Find alternative arrangements, unless of course, they are willing to share.

     •    Make sure that food is senior-friendly. Seniors need to eat a healthy diet so you should include lots of fruits and vegetables at all meals. If your senior is on a special diet make sure that it is taken care of along with the rest of the food – they shouldn’t have to wait while others enjoy their meal.

     •    You can make your mom or dad a part of the preparations for the celebration. Remember they have done it for many years and getting them involved will help ease your burden and make them feel useful. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated – they can help with simple chores around the kitchen. If they aren’t firm on their feet make sure that there is always someone in the kitchen with them.

     •    Take them out at some point – seniors need to enjoy fresh air at least once a day so make sure that you don’t forget to take them out on their daily walk. You can get the family involved, but don’t make your elderly loved one feel as though they have to be watched at all times.

Lastly, if your senior has to travel make sure that you have plans well taken care of in advance. If they will be going by road have a comfortable car available and be prepared to make lots of stops along the way for bathroom breaks and stretching. Have healthy snacks and lots of water in the car for hydration. If they will be flying you should make preparations in advance so they can avoid the last-minute rush.

Seniors enjoy Thanksgiving and may you, your family, and friends have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday from all of us at Medicare On Video.

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