Where is Your New Medicare Card?

Is it in the mailbox?

How to find out when your new Medicare card will arrive and what to do when it does.

When you order something from Amazon or Walmart online, you get a tracking number and frequent updates on where the product is and when it will arrive. Medicare isn’t quite that detailed about delivery when it comes to your new Medicare card, but there are several ways you can find out when you should be checking your mailbox. Your actual mailbox, not your email inbox.

As a reminder, your old card is being replaced by a new one in order to protect your identity.

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The old card has your Social Security number as your member ID. The new one will have a randomly selected number that is not attached to any of your private information that could be stolen and used by scammers.

Check Your State

New cards are being mailed by state. To find out when your state will be mailing cards, you can visit Medicare.gov/NewCard. There is a map on the site that shows the status of your state: finished mailing, mailing now (takes a month), or mailing soon. In early June, no states indicated that mailing was finished, most were in the ‘mailing soon’ category.

On the same site, you can request to be notified by email. You enter your email address and will get a notification about the standing of mailing in your state.

You can also go to MyMedicare.gov, which is your personal account with the organization. Note: In order to sign up and open your account, you will need your Medicare card number.

A Couple of Suggestions

Be sure that Social Security has your current address. Medicare uses the address on file at the SSA to mail your card. If you’ve moved from Las Vegas to Sarasota and didn’t notify SSA, your card will be on its way to Las Vegas.

Do not fall prey to scammers on the phone trying to get your new number – or trying to get you to pay for the new Medicare card. Medicare will not call you to ask you for your new number. Medicare almost never will call you. (Find out the few exceptions at Medicare.gov.) Do not give your number to anyone!

Also, the cards are free. There are no charges. If you get a phone call, hang up immediately and call 1-800-MEDICARE and report it – especially if you have the caller ID on your phone.

When You Get Your Card

When the new card finally does arrive, carefully destroy the old card. Secure the new card in a place where it will not be stolen or lost. Carry the new card with you to visits with any healthcare providers – even if you have a Medicare Advantage plan.

You can’t buy goods and services with your new Medicare card, but it still is worth money. Treat it like a credit card. If it is stolen or lost, report it immediately to prevent identity theft.

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