Medicare Supplement Plan N

What Is Medicare Supplement Plan N and Why Do People Choose It?

Medicare Supplement Plan N is one of several supplement plan options for Medicare recipients. This is a Medigap plan option to help cover costs or “gaps” in Medicare coverage.  Plan N covers gaps in Medicare Part A and B healthcare plans.  There are out-of-pocket expenses you are responsible for with this coverage including excess charges.  To understand further on coverage costs and what you will be required to pay with this policy you can obtain a quote and compare it with other supplement plans.

Coverage Details for Medicare Supplement Plan N

Plan N offers coverage for Part A and B, but some say this coverage is not as good as supplement plans F and G.  In other words this plan covers fewer gaps left behind from Medicare.  Two elements Plan N does not cover are excess charges and deductibles from Part B.  With Part A this supplement plan covers hospital stays.

The plan also covers coinsurance from both Part A and B.  For hospital stays, if you visit the emergency and do get admitted you may have copay.  For doctor visits you may have copay that is usually smaller than the copay required for the emergency room. The first three pints of blood, hospice care copayment or coinsurance and skilled nursing care coinsurance is also covered.

Why People Enroll for Plan N

At a glance it looks like you may be paying more compared to supplement plan F and G.  There are applicants that may be able to save on monthly premiums with this option. For some the premium payment is cheaper than Plan F.  Those who chose Plan N may save up to $40 per month on premium payments. Depending on the situation and services the savings could change. This is because a doctor could charge excess for services covered by Medicare.  When Medicare does not pay the excess, Plan N doesn’t cover it either leaving the patient to make the payment.

Additional Info About Medicare Supplement Plan N

When signing up for plan N you should already be enrolled in Part A and B Medicare plans.  Plan N is made available through the state you live in, with the exception of three states.  When you sign up for Part B is the best time to apply; you have the option though to sign up for coverage anytime.  When you sign up within the six month enrollment window for Part B your age is the only factor reviewed.  No medical underwriting will be completed.  Yet, if you have a disability or illness and you decide not to enroll during this period your rates may be higher.

Plan N lives beneficiaries with out-of-pocket expenses they are responsible for including Part B deductible, Part B excess charges, and copayments for doctor visits and emergency room care (when not admitted to the hospital).  These details should be kept in mind along with your budget and ability to make monthly premium payments when you apply.

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