Medicare Rights Group Sends Request to Congress

Medicare Rights

The Medicare advocacy group, Medicare Rights Center, has asked Congress to add several reforms to upcoming spending legislation for fiscal 2018 (which began last October 1). Congress recently announced significant changes in Medicare policy.

Congress will be discussing funding for federal programs later this month. In an announcement, which can be found here,, Medicare Rights has asked legislators to give top priority to the following:

  • Reforms to Medicare Part B as set forth in the Beneficiary Enrollment Notification and Eligibility Simplification Act.
  • An extension of the Money Follows the Person program as set forth in Ensuring Medicaid Provides Opportunities for Widespread Equity, Resources and Care Act.
  • Ensuring adequate investment in the Medicare State Health Insurance Assistance Program. This would include other non-defense discretionary programs that provide services for older adults and people with disabilities.

Consequences of not enrolling at the right time and other mistakes made due to the complexity of Medicare Part B rules can be costly. The improvement recommended by Medical Rights will make enrollment and other decisions clearer and easier.

The Medicare Rights letter sent to Congress also urges the appropriators to reject other proposed cuts in funding.

The advocacy group urges Medicare beneficiaries to call their lawmakers and urge them to pass the recommended legislation that will ensure positive Medicare reform, as well as making the investment needed to meet the needs of Medicare beneficiaries for years to come.

Visit the above link to read the letter sent to Congress and to familiarize yourself with the issues before calling your state Senators or Representatives.

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