Medicare Open Enrollment Deadline | What Every Senior Should Know

Don’t miss your Medicare open enrollment deadline!

You know that you should apply for Medicare by the time you turn 65, but what is open enrollment and how does it affect you? Medicare open enrollment (OEP) is the period you are given every year to make changes to your coverage. Imagine, for example, that when you applied for Medicare you didn’t need certain medications so you didn’t choose a coverage plan that provides them. In time you have developed an illness that requires constant medication and since you are on the wrong plan you have to buy them out of pocket.

Medicare OEP Is October 15 to December 7

You can amend your coverage during the open enrollment period, which usually runs from 15th October to 7th December. During this time you can make changes to your coverage and they will kick in come 1st of January the following year. The changes you can make include switching from Medicare Part C to Original Medicare (Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B), switching to Original Medicare from Medicare Part C, changing Medicare Part C plans, also known as Medicare Advantage plans, changing the Medicare Part D (prescription drugs) plans or enrolling in a Medicare prescription drug plan when on Original Medicare and in need of one.

View the Annual Notice of Change Document

When making changes, it is important to take time to study available documentation so that you can choose the right plan this time around. Your healthcare provider will send you a document called the Annual Notice of Change that tells you all the amendments that have been made to the different plans in the last year. It is important to know what these changes are so that you can carefully choose the right kind of coverage for the coming period.

Submit Your Enrollment Forms on Time

For many seniors, changing coverage plans can seem rather complicated. In fact, it is. There is a lot of information to be digested before one can decide what kind of coverage will suit them best. You can make things easier on yourself by discussing your Medicare needs with someone who is familiar with the system. Also, make sure that you submit your Medicare open enrollment forms on time if you want the changes to be reflected in the coming year.

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