Medicare Open Enrollment – Tips and Important Information

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Every year all seniors get a window during which they can change their Medicare coverage. This window will start on October 15th and run through to December 7th. If you are not happy with your current Medicare plan, this is the time to make changes. However, you shouldn’t just make changes for the sake of it – carefully consider what you have now, what you are paying and what your new plan will be, as well as its implications on your finances and your health. Here are some important tips to keep in mind:

If you are content with your current medical plan you need not make any changes. Your current plan will automatically roll over into the coming year.

That said, you should always remember that details of different Medicare plans can change from year to year. You should scrutinize your current plan for any changes you may not like so that if necessary you can move to a different plan before the enrollment period is over.

When Else Can You Make Changes?

If you would like to make changes but for some reason, you don’t make them within the enrollment period, you may have to go a whole year on your current plan. However, you can try and see if you can make changes during the special enrollment period.

The Medicare Open Enrollment is not for anyone looking to sign up for Plan A or Plan B of Medicare. First-timers should submit their applications immediately after they turn 65 years of age. If you submit a late application, you will be required to pay a penalty.

As of 2019, you are free not to have any medical coverage unlike in the past when it was mandatory. However, taking into account that Medicare takes care of most of your medical costs for free it is best to make sure that you submit your application in time.

Before you make any changes to your existing coverage, make sure that you know what you are getting into. What will you be covered for and what will it mean in terms of how much you may have to pay every month? How do these payments affect the rest of your lifestyle and your family?

Lastly, it is never a bad idea to talk to your doctor before you make any changes to your Medicare coverage. He may have important input about your health that you should take into account.

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