Medicare Just Announced That Digital Medicare Is Now Possible

Medicare Comes out of the Dark Ages into Digital


Going paperless after all these years! Digital Medicare is the future.

Medicare just announced it is giving members the option to go paperless. The insurance program has created three ways to go digital. Finally!

Here are the three digital Medicare opportunities:

1) Electronic Medicare Summary Notices

For years, those fat Medicare Summary envelopes have arrived well after you’ve had the services or purchased the medications. They take up space in your mailbox and then you have to file them away. Instead, new Electronic Medicare Summary Notices (eMSNs) allow you to keep up with your statements electronically – and in a timely manner.

Sign up at You’ll be sent a link every month. In line with Medicare’s desire to protect your identity, the link will be secure. You will be able to see your information shortly after the service, on a monthly basis. No more waiting three months by the mailbox.

2) The Medicare eHandbook

Tired of dusting around that thick “Medicare & You” handbook that comes out annually like clockwork? Now, you can read it online. Not only will this be more convenient, but Medicare will also update the online version during the year. Online version: up-to-date. Print version: out-of-date.

3) Your own Medicare account

At, you can now sign up for your very own Medicare account. You can access all of your Medicare info.

If you set up this account first, you can easily order #1 and #2 above

Sign up, set up your user name and password at, sign up for eMSNs, read the Handbook online, and go paperless. The environment will thank you and you’ll have much less paper to house and eventually recycle.

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