Common Infections in Seniors and What You Can Do

common infections in seniors

As a senior one of the things that you should be concerned about is infections. As you grow older your body isn’t able to respond to threats as well as it used to when you were in your heyday, and a minor infection can put you down for a long time. One of the most common and most serious infections that seniors face is the flu.

When you were younger and you got the flu you felt terrible and couldn’t go about your life as usual. When you are older and you get the flu it will be worse. It can quickly morph into a chest infection or even something as bad as pneumonia, which kills rather fast.

Get an Annual Flu Shot

The good news about the flu is that if you are diligent about getting a flu shot every year, you will hopefully be able to keep it at bay. Some seniors worry that flu shots are not effective or they may make them ill. There is information about this effect on the internet. You shouldn’t believe everything you read but do your research. The annual flu vaccine helps some people while it may hurt others. We are all different. It is true that it doesn’t always work because the flu can mutate, but this is rare. Most seniors who get their shots are well protected. In case they contract the flu they should experience mild symptoms only.

You May Have Temporary Discomfort

If you worry about the shots making you sick, you shouldn’t until it actually does make you ill. Whenever you introduce an antibody into your system, you will experience some discomfort. Babies do too every time they get a vaccination. You may experience some aches and pains, a fever, and a general feeling of malaise. This will only last a few hours, at most a few days, but you will have protection against the flu for the whole year.

Consult Your Physician

If you are not sure when to go for your flu shot you can call your doctor and find out. When they tell you the date make sure to mark it on your calendar so that you don’t forget. If you are concerned about feeling a bit ill afterward you can ask someone to come with you to the doctor and stay with you afterward until you feel better.

If, however, you experience any symptoms you should call your doctor right away whether or not you have had your annual flu shot.

These are just a few of the worst common infections in seniors.

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