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What You Should Know about AARP Medicare Supplement Plans

There are many insurance carriers that offer Medicare Supplement plans. One of the most popular insurance carriers is United Healthcare and their partnership with AARP. 

AARP Medicare Supplement Plans are Medicare Supplement plans to cover expenses Medicare coverage does not.  These plans are provided through a subdivision of United Healthcare Insurance Company. Their partnership allows customers (AARP members) to select supplement plans to cover all or parts of services with original Medicare plans (Part A and B).  The plan can help reduce out-of-pocket costs for certain services including deductibles and coinsurance. Supplement plans offered by AARP are for seniors and retirees aged 65 and older while being enrolled in Part A or Part B insurance.

In the last few years Medigap plans through AARP have become more competitive.  People interested in obtaining such a plan should review guidelines and regulations for their state as each option varies.  AARP states close to 4 million people use their supplement insurance each year.  These plans are available through enrollment with AARP or through an employer that participates in providing this coverage.  The plan offers a number of benefits retirees can take advantage of.  One important advantage is the option to choose plan options with flexible terms.

AARP Medicare Supplement Plans offer various benefits such as rate stability, multiple plan options (letter named A through L), option to renew policy, and the ability to take the plan anywhere with them in the United States.  Customers do not have to worry about networks or claim forms.  Members may qualify for discounts on certain healthcare services such as vision care.  Supplement plans through AARP is a common option among seniors due to lower rates available. For Medicare holders seeking supplemental plans this is one of the most popular options due to several benefits such as guaranteed acceptance, customer service support and a rating system that is used to help create the policy instead of the applicant’s age.

In recent years AARP has an approval rate of 99 percent.  There are little limitations in which the company denies coverage to an applicant. This option is significant as other supplement plan options create premiums based on applicant health and age.  Some competitor plans could reject an applicant if they have a pre-existing condition. This makes AARP a last resort option for many applicants.

Customer service support for supplement plans through AARP give beneficiaries’ peace of mind about their options. Plan holders can access customer support 24 hours a day.  Customers can learn which hospitals and doctors are in their area able to provide healthcare services. The service support for customers gives patients insight on questions they should ask their doctor about their care or medical procedures. Claims paid by AARP are completed within 10 days.

Community ratings in place for AARP Medicare Supplement Plans help applicants get the policy they need. This element makes the plan different from other supplement plans because premium rates are the same for most policyholders.  AARP members benefit from these plans the most as they receive discounts based on age and healthcare service needs.

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